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2.23 Subject with increased emphasis on wind energy January 22, 2010

Posted by Hosoi in Classes, Energy Track.

2.23 “Hydrofoils and Propellers”
Spring 2010, 12 units

This course develops the theory and design of hydrofoil sections, including lifting and thickness problems for sub-cavitating sections, unsteady flow problems, and computer-aided design of low drag cavitation-free sections. It also covers lifting line and lifting surface theory with applications to hydrofoil craft, rudder, control surface, propeller and wind turbine design. Other topics include computer-aided design of wake adapted propellers; steady and unsteady propeller thrust and torque; performance analysis and design and numerical principles of vortex lattice and lifting surface panel methods. The design is also discussed of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine rotors in steady and stochastic wind and their controls for maximizing the power absorption, mitigating wind loads on the blades and optimizing the performance of the wind energy system. Projects illustrate the development of computational methods for lifting, propeller and wind turbine flows, and use of state-of-the-art simulation methods for lifting, propulsion and wind turbine applications.

by Paul Sclavounos and Richard Kimball



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