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ESD.051/6.079 Engineering Innovation and Design January 25, 2010

Posted by Hosoi in Classes, PD Track.

Number(s): ESD.051/6.079
Title: Engineering Innovation and Design
Prereq: None
Level: U
Grading: A-F
Term(s) Offered: Spring
Hours in Classroom/Week: 2
Hours in Lab/Week: 2
Hours in Preparation & Homework/Week: 5
Times: MW 3-5
Room: 3-133
Subject Description:
Project-based seminar develops skills to effectively conceive, evaluate, plan, organize, lead, and implement engineering design projects. Includes techniques to sharpen creative thinking and critical analysis of designs, as well as utilize iterative processes. Students innovate, implement, and communicate designs that are practical, successful, elegant, interactive, robust, and holistic. Focus on project scope, and balancing real-world constraints against the limitations of technology and human cognition. Provides instruction in a computer markup language. Limited to 60; preference to juniors and seniors. Course is sponsored by the Bernard M. Gordon – MIT Engineering Leadership Program
Instructors: J. Schindall, B. Kotelly



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