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4.268 meets with 6.077: Design Innovation for Distributed Energy January 29, 2010

Posted by Hosoi in Classes, Energy Track, PD Track, SD Track.

Instructors: Professor Marc Baldo, PhD., Professor Sheila Kennedy, AIA
TAs: Carlijn Mulder, Sasa Zivovic
Class: F 2-5 PM
Units: 3-3-6 (*Can be taken as 9 Units by Undergrads w/ Permission of Instructors)
Level: H, U Permission of Instructors
Enrollment: Limited to 20 students, offered jointly with EECS, seeks mix of UG from DMSE, EECS, MAS

First meeting: FRIDAY 5 February 2010

Design Innovation for Energy Materials is an interdisciplinary course brings together, for the first time at MIT, students who are interested in developing design applications for emergent energy materials. Organized as a seminar/workshop, the course explores the interface between architectural design and energy materials that are being researched in MIT laboratories. For its launch in Spring 2010, the course will focus on next generation flexible organic solar materials being studied in Prof. Baldo’s lab. The course provides a unique interdisciplinary design approach that explores technical challenges in material science and design opportunities in the vertical integration of energy sector materials in the design of the built environment. Working in interdisciplinary teams in a ‘hands-on’ design and prototyping process, students will explore the spatial, social and material impacts of de-centralized energy distribution in short design projects at three scales of implementation: personal, architectural and urban. The course is supported by MITEI’s Energy Curriculum Task Force and materials for students’ prototype projects will be provided. The stellar website is online: https://stellar.mit.edu/S/course/4/sp10/4.268-6.077/index.html



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