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New Energy Class this Spring (Lottery in December) December 3, 2010

Posted by Hosoi in Classes, Energy Track.

We are pleased to announce a new class: 10.27, Energy Engineering Projects Laboratory. The class is limited to juniors and seniors, but for those of you who are freshmen and sophomores, it’s a good idea to plan ahead!

It will be officially added to the list of approved energy electives for the Minor next year. Seniors who take it this spring can petition for its use toward their Minor elective credits. For more information on petitioning, please contact me (cko@mit.edu). Please note a lottery will be held for participation in this class. Contact Professor Colton directly for more information (ckcolton@mit.edu).

Course description:

10.27 Energy Engineering Projects Laboratory
(Subject meets with 10.26, 10.29)
Prereq: 5.310 or 7.02; 10.302; or permission of instructor U (Spring)

Projects in applied energy engineering research. Students work in teams of three or four on one project for the term. Projects often suggested by local industry. Includes training in research planning and project management, execution of experimental work, data analysis, oral presentation skills and technical report writing, team-building, and integration of technical and social science issues. Intended for students with diverse technical backgrounds.

Preference to Energy Studies minors.

C. K. Colton, P. T. Hammond, K. F. Jensen, J. K. Kelleher, M. S. Strano

A wide variety of projects are currently being developed that are suitable for students from different technical disciplines in science and engineering. Representative project titles include the following:

  • Cleaning and recycling drilling fluid on drilling rigs
  • Ethanol production from starchy plants and lignocellulosic feedstocks
  • Engineering fuel cell systems and materials
  • Thermoelectric power from catalytic combustion
  • Exploiting photosynthesis for new biofuels
  • Lifecycle analysis of biodiesel preparations
  • Oil-adsorbing nanofabrics for cleaning large ocean oil spills
  • Thermal transport of self-propagating thermopower waves in nanomaterials as energy sources

Because the number of student positions in this class is limited and the demand for this new subject is unknown, a lottery will be held in mid December, and students will be notified of the results of the lottery in early January. Students who receive this information via email will be sent information about the lottery. For further information, and to insure inclusion in the lottery, please contact Prof. Clark K. Colton (ckcolton@mit.edu, x3-4585)



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