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Allowed Substitutions

There are many many many permutations related to substitutions (old 2-A switching to new 2-A, 2 switching to new 2-A, new 2-A switching to 2, just plain old substitutions … ). I will try to cover as many as I can here but if the particular substitution that you are interested in does not appear, please ask!

For starters, there are a few principles that guide us as we determine which substitutions are allowed.

  1. You are always allowed to “trade-up.” For example, if you are in the new 2-A program and really love controls and would like to take 12 units instead of 6, you can always substitute 2.004 for 2.04A. Depending on the class, the six extra units can count either as extra engineering or, if the course is upper level, as concentration units (more examples are given in the table below).
  2. We will not allow any substitutions that jeopardize accreditation. ABET requires a certain number of both basic science and math and engineering units in the program. No substitutions will be allowed that violate these constraints.
  3. We understand that people change their mind! This is fine. Bearing in mind that we will uphold the two principles outlined above, our intention is to make it as easy as possible for students to move between 2 and 2-A.

If you are following the New 2-A …

You may take … … instead of … … the extra units count as …
18.03 2.087 Units beyond GIRS
2.00B or 2.007 2.00 Extra Eng Units
2.003 (=2.03+2.031) 2.03 Eng Concentration Units
2.004 2.04A Eng Concentration Units
2.005 + 2.006* 2.05 + 2.051 + 2.06 Extra Engineering Units
2.674 2.678 (no extra units)

2.01 + 2.02A/B = 2.001 for students who took these subjects (no longer offered).

*Note: 2.005 and 2.006 must BOTH be taken for this substitution.
2.005 may be taken in lieu of 2.05, followed by 2.051 and 2.06.
2.006 may be taken in addition to 2.05, 2.051 and 2.06 if there is no substitution.

If you are following the Course 2 or 2-OE …

You may take … … instead of …
2.087+6 units** 18.03
2.01 + 2.02A or 2.02B (no longer offered) 2.001
2.03 + 2.031 2.003
2.05+2.051+2.06 2.005

** These six units must be general science or math units.



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