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Faculty Contributors

Professor Anette Hosoi
Undergraduate Officer
Professor Seth Lloyd
2-A Coordinator

Student Contributors

Hey Guys, We’re super excited to bring this blog to you and we hope it helps you in your decision-making. If you need anything, feel free to leave a comment or email us directly.

go_shanetteShanette Go

2A Student Committee Co-founder

Concentration: Biomedical Engineering/pre-medicine
Year:4 (Class of 2010)
Clubs/Activities: Camp Kesem, PLUS, SHAC, HBI, UROP, Pi Rho Chi
Living Group:
Something cool I’m doing: Food blogging
Favorite Boston Restaurant: Trident Cafe
Favorite Dessert: Molten chocolate cake
Some things I’ve always wanted to do: scuba dive!
Why I love 2-A: 2-A gives me the opportunity to gain background and experience in the ways that mechanical engineering and medicine may be fused. Because of 2-A’s flexibility, I get to take exciting classes, both inside and outside of my major, that actually interest me.

batra_neha1Neha Batra

2A Student Committee Co-founder

Concentration: Energy (in my biased opinion, the coolest thing ever)
Year: 4 (Class of 2010)
Clubs/Activities/Positions: 2-A Student Committee (Co-founder), SEBC (MD External Relations), NSUW (Interal Relations Subcommittee), Kappa Alpha Theta
Living Group: McCormick Hall
Something cool I’m doing: I’m working for GE Energy!
Favorite Boston Restaurant: Koreana, Haru (Sushi) is a close second
Favorite Dessert: Berry Line Frozen Yogurt, no contest!
Some things I’ve always wanted to do: Rock climb, scuba dive, own a motorcycle, do a backflip (successfully), learn how to surf
Why I love 2-A: It’s flexible so I can pursue exactly what I want and I get to take classes that would have never fit into my schedule otherwise! I’ll be taking course 1, 2, 4, 11, and 15 classes related to my concentration — that hardly happens anywhere else.



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