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Q: Is 2-A accredited?

A: Yes. As of 2002, 2-A is a fully accredited engineering degree.

Q: How do I know which classes count as engineering units?

A: There is no easy answer to this since engineering content must be evaluated in the context of your entire program. However, for guidance, see the Engineering Units page; for criteria used to assess engineering content, see the original Engineering Units post.

Q: How can I tell if a class is “sufficiently advanced” to count in my concentration?

A: Again there is no easy answer to this question since subject numbering and organization varies from department to department. However, some guidelines and examples are posted here.

Q: Can I count classes in my concentration in my minor?

A: Yes. Classes in your concentration may also be counted in your minor. (But remember GIRS can NOT be counted in your concentration).

Q: Can I count classes in my concentration in my HASS concentration?

A: No subject may count as both a HASS and a 2-A concentration subject.  Including a HASS subject in your concentration is only allowed if you take extra HASS subjects.

Q: How do a schedule a meeting with Professor Lloyd?

A: Prof Lloyd has a sign up sheet for 2-A Office hours outside 3-160.

Q: I’d like to put together a concentration; how should I get started?

A: There are a number of resources to help guide you through this process.

  1. Use this blog! Tips and words of wisdom from the 2-A coordinators will be posted here. We recommend that you start by clicking on the “tracks” tab above and browsing through some of the popular tracks.
  2. The online concentration form (see link in sidebar) will help you organize your classes. You will be allowed to re-edit and save drafts of your concentration online using this form. Once you are satisfied with your plan, click submit and it will be forwarded to the department for review and approval.
  3. Talk to us! There are a number of people who can help you put a proposal together:
    • Jared Embelton (jarede@mit.edu) in the undergraduate office can give you tips on all aspects of the program.
    • Prof. Lloyd is the 2-A faculty coordinator. He can sit down with you to go through your program to make sure it satisfies all of the requirements and offer suggestions on how to make everything fit together in an optimal way. You can sign up for 2-A Office Hours outside 3-160.
    • If you are interested in one of the popular tracks (listed under the “tracks” tab) the track advisors may be your best resource. They are experts in the field and can recommend classes that are well-aligned with your goals. Each track lists the track advisor and email address at the top of the page. To meet with a track advisor, please send an email directly to set up an appointment.


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