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How does Drop Date and Add Date work for half-semester classes?

For first half of the term subjects, Add Date is also Drop Date. For second half of the term subjects, Drop Date for full term classes is Add Date for second half of term classes, Drop Date for second half of term classes is the last day of classes.

How does Sophomore Exploratory work with half term subjects?

Sophomore Exploratory can be used for one subject per term (including half term subjects).  This is an MIT rule, no exceptions.

How does it work switching credits back and forth between the new and old 2-A?

This is such an important question that we’ve included a new page called “substitutions” under “2-A requirements”

How easy is it to substitute straight 2 classes with the new 2-A classes? How mixed a course plan are we allowed to have? How strict will it be to follow the new 2-A program?

Our first principle in determining allowed substitutions is that you are always allowed to “trade-up.” For example, if you are in the new 2-A program and really love controls and would like to take 12 units instead of 6, you can always substitute 2.004 for 2.04A. Depending on the class, the six extra units can count either as extra engineering or, if the course is upper level, as concentration units.

Many people start out 2 and switch to 2-A and vice versa. How easy will it be to switch between the two?

We understand that people change their mind! This is fine. Bearing in mind that we will uphold the principle outlined in the previous answer, and we will not allow any substitutions that could jeopardize accreditation, our intention is to make it as easy as possible for students to move between 2 and 2-A. (However, please bear in mind that there are likely to be a few holes in your curriculum that will need to be filled if you switch late in either direction).

One of the strengths of the old 2-A curriculum is that 2 and 2-A students take classes together. Will this new curriculum separate students and minimize valuable interactions?

We agree that these interactions are extremely valuable and the new curriculum has been designed to preserve overlap in the two cores. By design, 2 and 2-A will come together at least once per year with options for more frequent interactions. The new 2-A core will coincide with the Course 2 core sophomore year in 2.03 (which meets with 2.003), junior year in 2.671 and senior year in 2.009. In addition, Course 2 students may elect to take 2.678 (6 units of electronics) instead of 2.670 and Course 2-A students can always replace a 6 unit course with its 12 unit counterpart (see “substitutions” under “2-A requirements” for details).



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