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Student Advice

Some of the best advice that you can get is from upperclassmen who have experienced what you are about to experience. We’ve compiled some comments and advice from course 2-A upperclassmen; feel free to use the links to skip to a specific person’s section.

General Advice: Neha
Bio [2/20]: Shanette
CIR [2/6]
Energy: Neha
Engineering Management [2/15]
Product Development
Sustainable Development
Theoretical Mechanics [2/18]

Genera Advice
Neha’s opinion:
In my biased opinion, I think the most important thing is to spread classes out.
-You don’t want to take multiple brain intensive classes in the same semester or multiple time consuming classes in the same semester. For example, I would recommend taking a maximum of 2 level I classes in a semester and would not recommend pairing taking any of 2.671, 2.007, and 2.009 in the same semester (more time consuming).
-2.002, 2.004, 2.007, and 2.671 have their own lab component which means you’ll generally spend more time on it.
-Keep in mind which classes have finals (basically all of them except for 2.671, 2.007, and 2.009). If you want to do well on all finals (usually a huge portion of your grade), you generally want to spread out your classes so that you have few finals every semester (generally <3). Also keep in mind that classes that don’t have finals have fairly large final projects the week before.
-Some classes are better for textbooks than others (ex: 2.001, 2.005, 2.006 are more useful with textbooks; 2.003, 2.007, 2.671 are best without it).
-PLAN AHEAD! If you want the coolest concentration classes, you’re going to have to make spaces in your schedule for it
-It’s not too late to switch to 2-A, I switched spring sophomore year and I’m doing fine. Don’t be afraid.
Bio [2/20]
Shanette’s opinion:
It’s possible to be 2-A and pre-med!
CIR [2/6]
Neha’s opinion:
1.020 is very systems oriented and teaches you how to use matlab to model a system, if you’re insterested in a more program oriented class, this would be an interesting class to take. This eventually has a lot of group projects which can be fairly time intensive but are not bad if you go to office hours and have a bit of programming experience. This goes over some 2.005 material but a simplified version.
4.42 is very building oriented and has a lot of course 4 students in it. If you are curious about weatherization and retrofitting, this would be a good intro. This goes over a lot of 2.005 material (but the simpler parts) but is more application oriented.

Engineering Management [2/15]
Product Development
Sustainable Development
Theoretical Mechanics [2/18]



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