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Biomechanics and Biomedical Devices

Track Advisor: Professor Nick Fang (nicfang@mit.edu)

The Bio Track is the bioengineering curriculum offered by the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. Students pursuing this curriculum will be educated in bioengineering subjects with a strong mechanical engineering disciplinary background. The mission of the Bio Track is to prepare future leaders in biomedicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industry.

The Bio Track curriculum is designed to be flexible so that the students can explore the different aspects of bioengineering. Major areas covered in this track include biomechanics, biomaterials, bioinstrumentation, and bio-inspired manufacturing. Furthermore, the Bio Track curriculum may be structured such that it is complementary to the both the biomedical engineering minor and the minor program in toxicology and environmental health. (Recall that courses in your concentration may also be counted towards your minor).

Recommended REST subjects: 2.772/20.110; REST subjects with no engineering: 5.07/7.05, 5.12

Suggested Concentration Subjects:

BME Minors

Information about the undergraduate Minor Program in Biomedical Engineering
Information about the undergraduate Minor Program in Toxicology and Environmental Health
Pre-med office’s list of recommended courses
Minor Application Form
Minor Completion Form



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