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Track Advisor: Prof. John G. Brisson (brisson@mit.edu)

The Energy Conversion Engineering Track is designed for students who wish to gain strong foundation in mechanical engineering with greater depth in energy conversion and utilization technologies. Graduates of this track will be prepared to analyze, design and build efficient and sustainable energy systems that exploit the rapid pace of progress in the field. Conversion from different fossil, renewable and nuclear sources, utilization in transportation, residential and industrial applications, and the integration of systems while addressing the constraints, form the essence and contents of many of the courses offered in this track. By selecting appropriate classes in their concentrations, students pursuing this track may also obtain a Minor in Energy Studies (recall that courses in your concentration may also be counted towards your minor).

Suggested courses are listed below. Note that, as will any Course 2-A degree, the classes listed below are suggestions not requirements. Students are encouraged to design and propose technically oriented concentrations that reflect their own needs and those of society. The (M) annotation indicates classes that are on the approved list of courses for a Minor in Energy Studies.

Recommended REST subjects: 8.21 (M), 2.66/4.42 (M)

Recommended Course 2 Subjects

Suggested Concentration Subjects

Additional resources to help you choose classes may be found here.



1. Christie Ko - October 22, 2010

For more information about the Energy Studies Minor and an updated list of classes, please feel free to contact the MITEI Education office.


C. Ko, Academic Coordinator, MITEI

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