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Industrial Design

Track Advisor: Prof. Warren Seering (seering@mit.edu)

Note that there are many excellent courses at MIT relevant to industrial design that do not necessarily include engineering content. We encourage 2-A students to take these classes and include them in their concentration however, since 2-A is an engineering degree, the student’s program must include at least 72 units of engineering beyond the required first and second level mechanical engineering subjects. This means that you must either:

  1. Include 72 units of engineering in your 2-A concentration OR
  2. Make up the difference by taking additional engineering courses (e.g. if your concentration includes 60 engineering units you must take an additional 12 unit class in course 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 16, 20, or 22 to make up the difference.)

Suggested Subjects with full engineering content (i.e. for the courses listed below, the number of units is the same as the number of engineering units):

Suggested subjects with reduced or no engineering content (the number of engineering units listed below are estimates; the exact number will be determined in the context of the student’s complete program. If no units are indicated, in general no engineering credit will be awarded for that particular class.) Many of these classes may be taken as HASS courses or unrestricted electives and we suggest them as a complement to the recommended concentration classes.

*Note:  no subject may count as both a HASS and a 2-A concentration subject.  Including a HASS subject in your concentration is only allowed if you take extra HASS subjects.



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