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Sustainable and Global Development

Track advisor: Amy Smith (abs@mit.edu)

Two tracks are possible in this program. One track, in Engineering for Sustainability, is intended for students interested in work on sustainability in the context of US industry or in other industrialized settings. The other track, in Engineering for International Development, is intended for students interested in applications of technology for the developing world. Many of the classes listed below are relevant to both US and International concentrations.

This track can be coupled to the minor programs in Environmental Engineering Science or Applied International Studies, as well as several HASS minors (recall that courses in your concentration may also be counted towards your minor).

One of the tricky aspects of putting together a 2-A curriculum in sustainability is that there are many excellent courses at MIT relevant to sustainability that do not necessarily include engineering content. We encourage 2-A students to take these classes and include them in their concentration however, since 2-A is an engineering degree, the student’s program must include at least 69 units of engineering beyond the required first and second level mechanical engineering subjects. This means that you must either:

Recommended REST subjects: 2.66/4.42, 1.018; REST subjects with reduced engineering: 12.003 (no engineering units), 12.102 (6 engineering units), 12.120 (6 engineering units)

Suggested subjects with full engineering content (i.e. for the courses listed below, the number of units is the same as the number of engineering units):

Sustainable Development

Global Development

Suggested subjects with limited or no engineering content (the number of engineering units listed below are estimates; the exact number will be determined in the context of the student’s complete program. If no units are indicated, in general no engineering credit will be awarded for that particular class.):

Both Sustainable and Global Development

*Note:  no subject may count as both a HASS and a 2-A concentration subject.  Including a HASS subject in your concentration is only allowed if you take extra HASS subjects.



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